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Our Difference

The Tucker Tub Difference

100% real ingredients, no fillers
Big brand pet food manufacturers often use fillers that can be harmful for your dog's digestive system. We've been using only the best natural ingredients to make nutritious, healthy dog food since 1996. We learnt exactly what dogs need and what they love.

100% natural ingredients


No fillers, preservatives or additives


Rich in vital nutrients


Reduces need for supplements


Recommended by vets and pet nutritionists


Locally sourced, farm fresh


Premium quality at affordable prices

Naturally Nutritious

Tucker Tub is 100% natural - and so much more…

We pay special attention to essential ingredients like proteins, vitamins and amino acids while keeping out all the additives, preservatives and chemicals.

You can think of Tucker Tub as superfood for your pup.

Your dog gets the highly-nutritious ingredients it needs which may help provide the following benefits:


Improved immune system


Boosted metabolism


Healthy digestion


Weight maintenance


Healthy, shiny coat


Farm Fresh & Local

Australian owned and operated.

We go one step further than Aussie made. We source ingredients from local farms in country Victoria that don't use any preservatives or chemicals in their product. It's as fresh as it gets!

Crafted With Care

Tucker Tub is made with love, backed by expertise.

Your pup's health matters to us. Our 25 years of experience is in each recipe, approved by seasoned vets and our very own in-house pet nutritionists.


Tailored Just For Them

Each dog is unique and so are their dietary needs.

There's no other dog quite like yours! We have dedicated specialists and in-house pet nutritionists to create a tailored meal plan for your pup. We'll help you discover what foods they thrive on.

Ready for your dog to benefit from the Tucker Tub Difference? Book a free consultation to get a customised feeding plan.